Friday, June 25, 2010

Eco Baby

So the LT snowball has begun for you as well, huh? It happens. Atleast it's organic snow!

On my journey to becoming green and thrifty, I have found some recipes I am intrigued by. Some I have tried, some are in the works, and some are in their testing phase.

Baby Wipe Solution

I was given this basic recipe by my friend Kristen and added my LT touch for a great wipe solution for The Boat's bottom, and it has worked wonderful and smells like Coconut lemon pie! It also makes the nursery smell amazing when put into a wipe warmer (think about those heated oils they sell for $$$ in stores!)

2 Cups HOT water (heated in microwave or on stove, but not to boiling)
2 Tablespoons of Organic Extra Virgin Cococut oil (EV is key)
2 Tablespoons of California Baby Calming Shampoo & Bodywash

After the coconut oil has disolved completely, pour solution over your cloth wipes in a container, then flip wipes over to ensure solution soaks throughout wipes. Important: wait until water is not scalding before putting wipes on your baby's bottom! Duh!

Rowynn's bottom has never been more diaper rash free!

Projects in the works - Testing Phase!

Babyfood (when the Boat is 6months or OK'ed by Ped)
Sewing Cloth Diapers
Sewing Cloth Wipes

Great websites to check out for ideas:

~ Brittney


  1. Britt - have you seen Williams-Sonoma's selection of baby food makers and cookbooks? Here's the link:

  2. is awesome as well. Link was provided to me by my friend Kim.

  3. WS is my weakness though :-) so Im headin over

  4. Great Blog Brit!
    For baby food -
    I read on a crook pot blog (link was from one of the WAF ladies) that you can cook the vegges in there (like sweet potatoes, carrots, apples) until they are soft and then puree them (I think I will get a cheap immersion style mixer to do the pureeing)

    Check it out:

    Tiffany (WAF)