Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Don't be afraid of Green

A lot of us are under the impression that "Going Green" is a completely life altering commitment that requires lots of time, money and energy (and hemp, lots and lots of hemp). But you don't have to stop shaving your legs or live on a commune and bathe only during full moons. There is no dotted line where you sign your comfortable lifestyle away.

As consumers we are also convinced that it costs money to be eco-friendly. Regularly we are bombarded with the message that you have to own high efficiency appliances, solar panels and hybrid cars to fit into the Green community. We are to think that it "costs green to go green" and its this exclusive club with steep membership fees. That doesn't have to be true. I want to make this process as budget friendly as it is Mother Nature friendly.

Have you ever told yourself "there is no way I will ever be able to go green because I can't even remember to turn off the light when I leave the room!" The first step isn't confined to a rigid "You must conserve energy before moving on to step 2." There are a variety of simple steps we can take to start our journey. For me, it was beginning to cloth diaper that opened the door to a staircase of change. It felt good to take a step in that direction, which encouraged me to take another, and another and another. You may decide that one step is enough for you, and thats OK. In the big picture, one step is better than no steps, right?

We aren't lacking the motivation as much as we are lacking the information. If more of us became aware that there are alternatives to things(and easy ones at that), we would be more willing to make that change for the better.


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