Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Gadget Diaries

My mom used to laugh when I would show her my newest expensive cleaning gadget. See, I had this habit of buying every new awesome invention under the sun in the hopes it would help me be the next Heloise. Electric mop, check. Electric dust pan (yah Im just as confused as you are), chhhheck. Dust buster, check. She would tell me "you know buying these things doesn't magically make you clean, you actually have to use them and CLEAN". Mom was right. I actually had to turn ON my super charged scrubber dohicky thingy and clean my tub. It didn't just do it FOR me (though if you find one that does, email me!). I came to find out a good old fashioned sponge, brillow pad or rag was just easier in the end. I ended up having to clean the super charged scrubber doohicky thingy after I was done cleaning the tub. Too complicated! I ended cleaning even less. Mission fail.

The key to cleaning success is to just keep it simple. My adventures of the "BUY NOW" button sadly ended with these gadgets cluttering my poor utility room and taking up precious space in my condo.


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